Alpha Number (ANBT for short, Chinese name chain)
The first chain is a decentralized ecological public chain based on the blockchain technology system,
including digital asset storage and digital asset financial services。

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Market Cap.
Total Users
Trade Volume
Exchange Rate

The Biggest And The Best Digital Currency
Make Money For Your Future

Pseudo User Data Production Management

AI identification and elimination of behaviors,
protect the legitimate rights and interests of real users

Project Quality Feedback

Prevention of fake Shanzhai project,
ensure the lowest risk for users from the source

Intelligent Search

Quickly find out what you want,
Generate smart contract and connect seamlessly


DPoS Mechanism Advantage

Dpos mechanism can usually achieve transaction speed of 10000 times per second, and can reach 100000 times per second when the network delay is low. In order to serve the data economy, ANBT requires very high data exchange and calculation requirements under the trusted environment, and more requires long-term stability, so DPoS is a very good choice.


Incentive Layer

Incentive layer is a very important setting of public chain ecology, which is mainly responsible for the issuance system and distribution system of incentives


The Role Of Oracle

Oracle machine can input the data out of the chain to alpha number reliably and safely, which provides great convenience for the calculation of smart contract and dapps.

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Mobile Applications For Faster Access

In the near future, you can control the dashboard from your mobile phone!

Anbt wallet includes a customized client kernel model, which enables users to run a variety of approved DAB based on ANBT

ANBT Issuance Rules

ANBT token is a general digital asset for platform application
So as to realize the value transformation between different applications of the platform


Total Issue Amount



Lock cabin0Year

Lock Scheme

0Years Later

Unlocking Scheme


ANBT's Innovation Field

Technically, we will do some original work based on some application scenarios, solve some problems and give users better enjoyment

Fold Net Wallet Design

Solve the problems of communication delay and small storage space


AI Block Intelligent Fuse

Solve the operational errors caused by human factors


Cloud Block Data Traceability

High distribution rate and never down


Independent Cross Chain Technology

Provide node sharing services, and be able to define their own tokens


ANBT File System

Improve identity management, network settings, routing, etc


ANBT Super Account

External account (controlled by private key) and contract account (controlled by contract code)


ANBT Trading System

Matching transactions by means of distributed exchanges


Multi DAPP Support

Indispensable tools for decentralized application


Improved Smart Contract

Point to point transmission and synchronization protocol for blockchain data structure


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